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Spooky Slimy and Silly Camp Care
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Camp care package spooky slimy and silly


A creepy, crawly camp care package for the kid who laughs at the grosser things in life! We've got bugs, snakes & rodents plus a few other low brow knee-slappers for your wily little whippersnapper! We love this new addition to our camp care packages! Check out our other camp care packages!

$39.99 #BX-SSS


  • Bug Eyed Centipede
  • Rubber Cockroach
  • Instaworms
  • 6" Windup Mouse
  • Box o' Bones
  • Stretch Snake
  • Stretch Chicken
  • Whoopee Cushion
  • Squeeze Grape Ball
  • Jumping Spider
  • Vomit Oops!
  • Fake Dog Poop

Make your box even better with add-in items!

Big Buzzats
One Dozen 2" Assorted Bugs
Rain Forest Snake 30"
Remote Controlled Fart Machine No.2
Goofy Mad Libs
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Spooky Slimy and Silly Camp Care