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SS Adams is the godfather of all pranks. In the early 1900's Adams brought a plethora of classic gags to the American masses including the joy buzzer, Snake in a Mint Can, and Bar Bug in Ice Cube. His New Jersey-based company emerged as ground zero for hi jinx. Mirth in a Box has collected of few of his signature pranks for this delightful box.

$29.99 #BX-SSA


  • Bar Bug Ice Cube by SS Adams
  • Doggonit--Fake Dog Poop
  • Joy Buzzer by SS Adams
  • Razzer by SS Adams
  • Snake in a Mint Can by SS Adams
  • Snappy Matches by SS Adams
  • Squirt Calculator by SS Adams

Make your box even better with add-in items!

"Life of the Party"
Remote Controlled Fart Machine No.2
Dribble Glass
6" Windup Mouse
Rain Forest Snake 30"
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