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Cocktail Party
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Cocktail Party Fun Hostess Gift


Is your friends' home a party place for unexpected guests? OMG, what's the host to do? Bring Cocktails Anyone? to insure your invite and set the mood for a funky good time. The party starts at the sound of the "Come and Get it Bell". Guests will chuckle as they read the intoxicating euphemisms on the 12 colored & rubberized Wine Lines that ID their glasses whilst schmearing their crackers with Sword'oeuvres. Avoid any threat of cross contaminated beer cans with the Beer Bands Personalities ID bands. Thoughtful guests will surely love using the Deli Sandwich Coasters while filling out the Rate That Wine Pad. Now engage all the guests with the Utterly Outrageous Drinking Games. This gift box is for ages 21 and over!

Darn! This item has been discontinued!

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Cocktail Party