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Classic Prankster Funny Care Package for College, Camp or Dad


Introducing the gift box that Dennis the Menace would have traded years of cereal box tops for! This playful package has everything that a wily young whipper-snapper of the bygone era could have dreamed of to irritate his crank of a neighbor. Who could resist the charm of such retro-kitsch?

Your amusements will come in an attractive white gift box nestled in vibrant green shred.

$49.99 #BX1-CLASSIC


  • Snake in a Mint Can by SS Adams
  • Razzer by SS Adams
  • Snappy Matches by SS Adams
  • Squirt Calculator by SS Adams
  • Joy Buzzer by SS Adams
  • Flingshot Monkey
  • Grow an Alien
  • Chomping Teeth
  • Mirth in a Box Sticky Notes

Make your box even better with add-in items!

"Life of the Party"
Jester Hat
Doggonit--Fake Dog Poop
Bar Bug Ice Cube by SS Adams
Groucho Glasses
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