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Birthday Party in a Box
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Birthday Party in a Box Care Package College


Shout, "Happy Birthday!" to anyone who loves a party! This Happy Birthday gift box is brimming with items to help any enthusiastic celebrant make merry. A superlative Birthday Cake Hat topped with 5 candles for the birthday honoree, a 6-foot Happy Birthday Banner to announce the fete, a 12 pack of "Happy Birthday" balloons, a package of trick birthday candles, and for the party goers: 12 Hawaiian leis, 12 mini bottles of bubbles and 12 blow out noise makers! Festively wrapped and bowed! Send one now!

$44.99 #BX-BIRB


  • Birthday Cake Hat
  • Happy Birthday Banner
  • Birthday Balloons
  • Magic Candles
  • 2 Mini Champagne Bottles of Bubbles
  • Colorful Leis
  • Fringed Nosiemaker

Make your box even better with add-in items!

Hipster Coloring Book
Phase 10 Card Game
Birthday Cake Autograph Pillow
Happy Birthday Mad Libs
Happy Birthday Flip Book
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Birthday Party in a Box