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Appletters Word Game for Early Readers
appletters word game for early readers from makers of bananagrams


Appletters Word Game for Early Readers

Clear the table, unzip the apple and prepare for a great family evening! Appletters is the addictive game for early readers where players work together to build a word worm by adding words to the head or tail. Unexpected twists and turns can happen, so stay on your toes! If you forget the rules, you might get called a Rotten Apple! The first player to use all of their tiles wins. If youre hungry for more fun, you can take a bite out of the three extra challenge games. Parents and educators agree Appletters helps to develop spelling skills, enhance strategic thinking, encourage cooperation, promote turn-taking, and improve concentration. Make Appletters the core of your game night fun! Ages 5 and up 1 t0 4 players.

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