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Cheer Up, Chum!
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Cheer Up Care Package


Good grief! When life gives you lemons..and you dont like lemonade,this little box of levity might just do the trick! A silly little duck, a trio of tootsie pops, a neon stretchy in side out ball (a real stress-buster), a pack of " I can't hear you ear plugs, the funniest tin of bandages you'll ever find and a Mirth in a Box exclusive book of doctor jokes...all shrink-wrapped on a bright red and white tray thats shouts, "Cheer Up!". Will turn any frown upside down!



  • Cheer Up Tray
  • Bravery Bandages
  • Neon Colored Duck
  • I'm Not Listening Earplugs
  • Neon Inside Out Ball
  • Tootsie Roll Pop
  • Little Book of Doctor Jokes

Make your box even better with add-in items!

Plague Doctor Air Freshener
Sudoku Puzzle Book
Crossword Puzzle Book
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Cheer Up, Chum!