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Dear Mirth in a Box,
I sent your "Wake Up" box to Florida to friends who were hosting us for a few days vacation. They liked it so much they contacted Mirth to send boxes to their 3 children in college. I guess "mirth" is infectious. Thanks for the prompt delivery. I saw the box when I arrived and can attest to the fact the items were as advertised.
-- GM

My thirteen year old niece was a hit in her bunk at camp because the first week she was there I sent her a box with the fabulous screaming monkey and other good stuff. I takes alot to impress teenagers. This did it!
-- LF

I've had the pleasure of sending "Mirth boxes" of various themes, Both college students loved the edible treats, seasonal decorations and gags. One surprised grandfather was delighted with the unexpected toys on Fathers' Day. The quality and variety will keep me coming back for more occasions. 

-- PE

It's rare that I get my teenagers to crack up. Mirth in a Box provides an endless advantage.

-- SM

I got a box of mirth a few weeks ago from my mom.... inside was a device that changed my life: the electronic fart machine. Good god, I wish I had one of these growing up. I slipped it into my roommate's backpack on his way into a final, waited an hour, then set it off while he was taking his test. Best. Moment. Of. My. Entire. Life.

-- APB

Dear Mirth People,

I couldn't have wished for a better or more spit-out-your water-inducing birthday gift than my personalized package of goodies from Mirth in a Box. My present was filled with items just begging to be used as pranks on unsuspecting friends. What more could a 26 year old ask for? And how better to woo a potential boyfriend than with the slingshot monkey? And my mother used the electric pen not once but twice while visiting. I love Mirth in a Box!

-- LG

I got this letter from my daughter after sending her a box of mirth... thought you'd be interested.

Dear Mom,

Camp is really fun and I met a bunch of new people. I got your package! It was really funny. Me and my bunk used the stuff inside to win "tent of the day". We hung some of the stuff up like the monkey toy and the woopie cushion. .........Write me back.

Love, EF

Dear mirth in a box.com,

Thank you for the bag of toys. I liked it alot. I LOVE the screaming monkey. The toys are a lot of fun. I love playing with them.

Sincerely, LE

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