Welcome! Mirth (murth) n. laughter, gaiety or merriment!

Care Packages for Soldiers

Build your own military or corporate gift box and care package. Choose from our big selection of nifty, witty and fun items. Our pre-selected funny gift boxes will make the troops laugh. Send a mirthful gift box to a co-worker and light up the office.
Birthday Party in a Box

Birthday Party in a Box

A wrapped "Happy Birthday" gift box filled w/ cheer to spare! A special hat & birthday banner, trick candles, balloons as well as 12 leis, bubbles, & noise makers to ensure a very hardy party!

$44.99    click here for more info
Bed Rest Survival Kit

Bed Rest Survival Kit

Know someone who is on forced bed rest? Come to their aid with the Bed Rest Survival Kit! So many fun puzzles and games will keep hands & minds busy while the body heals! And that's right. Just what the doctor ordered!

$49.99    click here for more info
Super Bed Rest

Super Bed Rest

Feeling super guilty because you can go outside and play while your friend needs to stay in bed? Relief is here! Send this super-sized box of fun! We've even included a really loud desk bell in case the patient needs to call for back up.

$59.99    click here for more info

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